Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ain't HE Sweet?

Here is the letter I wrote to James Taranto regarding his Thursday column:

I think it is sweet that you, who, without any
particular flair or talent, is allowed to "write" a
daily column at a major newspaper, albeit on their
website that they allow anyone to read for free. You
must be very grateful to have a woman who "helps" you
compile the submissions of 31 others, Google hits on
"experts" and links to Reuters articles all of which
you publish with a byline. What puzzles me is that
someone so dismissive of the writing of others lacks
the discernment to tell when someone is using the term
"mainstream media" ironically, and hides behind the
dictionary definition of "amateur" when someone
exposes your small-mindedness and bile.

If what you display on your website everyday is all it
takes to get a high paying gig with the WSJ, I would
advise you not to waste your money on lottery tickets;
you have exhausted your lifetime supply of luck.

I do, however, particularly like the way you sprinkled
"[sic]" when you quoted David M to completely undress
him. Ha ha ha, what a hoot! You are really going to
crack up the Swells in the Hamptons when you show them
your Thursday column. No better way to put an amateur
(and his lack of an editor!) in his place than to mock
his misspellings.

By your writings, you and Peggy Noonan and the rest of
the WSJ editorial staff expose your contempt for us
rubes out here. I am sure you would prefer that we
all just shut up and click the ads that run along side
your columns. Sad to say, I am not going to be
visiting your site anymore, at least not until you
hand over the keyboard to your helper and go away.
Here is a suggestion, maybe you could stumble from
school district to school district to mock
administrators in person, although I doubt very much
you would have the courage to stand up and face the
average middle school assistant principal who you
regularly hold up to ridicule in your columns.