Thursday, January 05, 2006

Daily Kos: "Marines are cowards!"

Markos Moulitsas, current star of the Democrat party, argues that I am a scaredy cat because I happen to think that it is a good idea for the NSA to intercept phone calls to and from telephones being used by al Qeida. He opines that I am so afraid of terrorists that I would willingly give up the rights fought for by the Founding Fathers. That allowing the President to hunt terrorists by listening to their phone calls means I means I support the man who “now resembles the very despot we fought in our war of independence.”

Give me a freaking break. Truly, the Founding Fathers possessed a lot more personal courage than I do. They willingly pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to secure the blessings of liberty. But to argue that the Founding Fathers would disapprove of the NSA’s program of intercepting communications of terrorists as a sell-out of the freedoms they fought for is, (how shall I put this?) STUPID.

Would George Washington have refused on principle to open a letter from the King to Cornwallis detailing the King’s plan because Cornwallis happened to be on American soil and therefore had “rights?” Preposterous.

Were the Hessians like al Qeida; nihilistic, sadistic murderers of non-combatants? Did they use a passenger ferry full of innocent civilians as a weapon in New York in an attempt to kill indiscriminately? Did the Redcoats march into schools in Boston and systematically murder children as al Qeida did in Beslan, Russia? I don’t recall the King’s troops behaving that way. Al Qeida, as an enemy, is altogether different from the enemy our forefathers fought. The Islamic Fascists are worthless in the face of force of arms, but are lethal to their targets of choice, children and other innocents.

So back to the NSA intercepts. Is it a cowardly delegation of my rights to exchange my freedom to converse with al Qeida in privacy for the chance that the US government might uncover and stop a plan to attack the elementary school when my children and the children of many other Marines are being taught? The Bush-hating minds of Kos and the Democrat party think it is. If the definition of cowardice is wanting the government to use passive means to reveal a Beslan-like attack on some elementary school outside Camp Lejeune or Ft Benning, then I am wear my yellow strip with pride.

But for me and my fellow Marines, who enthusiastically take up arms to exterminate those terrorists who cower from a fair fight yet who nonetheless plot to bayonet children, the real cowards are in the press and democrat party. Kos revels in the phony machismo that he is the courageous “Champion of Constitutional Rights” when the reality is: if he truly had to choose between his life and the sacred honor of defending “privacy,” he would dispose of the constitution faster than a guard at Guantanamo could flush the Koran. I will take courage lessons from Kos when his children face the knives of the killers of Beslan and yet he still opines that their lives are well spent if it means Osama in Karachi can plot in privacy via cell phone to Mohammed in Raleigh.