Sunday, June 11, 2006

Laura and me

Listening to your visceral reaction to Ann Coulter, and your stumbling, "I think they are good people, even though they are liberal; can't we all get along" response to her reinforces an opinion about you that has been nagging at me for years.

I think that you are playing us.

You pretend to have these conservative views, but then you pal around with all these liberals, and tell them not to get too upset by the things you say, since you are just bilking the rubes on a lark. Yet, when confronted by the views of a real conservative, you blanch and stumble around, refuse to engage her arguments, and appeal to feelings. Just like the liberal I suspect you are.

I like you Laura, but I am tired of being played.

Her staff’s response to me:
1. Laura put her neck on the line as an 18 yr old college student at Dartmouth when she edited The Dartmouth Review, got sued by liberal professors for millions of dollars (eventually won).
2. Speechwriter in the Reagan White House.
3. Clerked for Clarence Thomas.
4. Launched the first conservative cable show EVER on MSNBC
5. Launched the first and biggest female hosted conservative radio talk show in the country.
6. Wrote The Hillary Trap, exposing Hillary's ABSURD political views.
7. Wrote the NYT bestseller Shut Up & Sing--telling the idiot elite left to shut up or put up (evidence that their ideas work).
8. Has called out Kristin Breitweiser ON HER POLITICAL INANITY for three years--without calling her a "harpie" or saying she would "be upset if her
husband came back."
9. Travelled to Iraq to support our troops and tell their stories six months after chemo, and right after Bob Woodruff was blown up there, with his same unit.
10. Yeah, she's a total sell-out.
11. Ann Coulter has a role. Laura has a role -- and demonstrates it every single day for 3 hrs a day to millions of listeners. There is room in the world for both.

My response:
A resume isn't an argument, and where you see bona fides, others see shrewd positioning. When 99% of your fellow journalists and DJs are liberal knuckleheads, the smart "conservative" will stand out and get the gigs. Ask John Stossel about that.

Here is one you can ask her to comment on; where does she stand on gay marriage? I suspect that is one issue a genuine conservative would be happy to opine about but which about which she would have a hard time concealing her real feelings.

Since I did not say "sell out," yet you put it in quotes in response #10 tells me you are hearing this point of view from many others. Whether she is conservative or not is ultimately not that important, rather, it matters how she is perceived by those who listen, and whether we will buy the things she endorses. I for one, don't and won't.

Have a nice weekend