Thursday, July 27, 2006

Webb is a Reagan Democrat?

Seems laughable, especially given these arguments.

This is what I sent to the author of the post above.

Did you read the comments below the Lowell post to which you linked?

One of the posters makes the point that Webb was standing up for more money for the 600 ship Navy instead of money for "Star Wars." What looks like a better deal today? More ships that would be essentially sitting out the War on Terror like the ones we have now? Or missile defense which may prove crucial in protecting civilization from crazies like Iran and North Korea?

I especially like the charge of "swiftboating" others in the thread make against you. I guess the definition of that word is "telling the truth about someone's past military or government service at an awkward or inconvenient time in that person's election campaign."

Oh, and the charge that you are a "chickenhawk." Can you comment on why liberals are desperate to cede the making of foreign policy to those who served in the military? I am in the military now, and I work with plenty of veterans. I can assure you that if we were allowed to set foreign policy, let's just say that policy would be a lot more muscular than it is now. I suspect Lowell, the NY Times and all the posters at raisingkaine would get the vapors to even contemplate what is openly discussed around here.