Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I like W more than Reagan

Jonah, Allow me to disagree with you on a couple of points with regard to Obama, Bush and Reagan. My fist vote was for Reagan in 1984, and I was very proud to cast it, based on what he had done for the country the previous four years. However, his second term was an embarrassment. His aimless, meandering policies were reflected in his painful, aimless meandering answers to questions in his press conferences. I found them embarrassing to watch. Now we know that he was probably suffering from Alzheimer’s, but sadly, those press conferences form my memories of Reagan.

As for Bush, let me say up front that I love the guy. He never lied, never backtracked, never tried to CHA. In a country and a culture that seems to value those who can avoid responsibility and cast blame simultaneously, he was a stand up guy who accepted blame and consequences for his actions, but never received praise. He clearly had, and probably still has, contempt for most journalists, but he never lost his good humor and never tried to cravenly beg their approval. I am an old fashioned Marine who believes in old time religion so Bush definitely spoke my language. Bush talked straight, and took the fight to the enemy, both the Islamists and the Dems in the House. He cleaned their clocks every time. He was exactly the kind of President I had always hoped for, and got.

As for Obama, you have to be kidding me. Easy to listen to? A great communicator? You are a great communicator, I have seen you in person speak extemporaneously and you are very impressive. Obama is not in your league. People hear what they want to hear when that guy runs his suck. When he goes off teleprompter, his halting, stumbling rambles can’t be explained away by disease or lack of intelligence, (although I for one think reports of his braininess are as overstated as reports of his fitness.) The only thing that can explain his dissembling and fumbling of syntax is his craven dishonesty. He has to work to think of something to say that will explain his evasions and flip flops, and that effort comes out as “uhs,” ignorant pauses and verbal diarrhea. Don’t give him a pass.