Saturday, August 13, 2005

Disagreement Day

Michael Medved has a feature periodically called “Disagreement Day” in which listeners call in to disagree with anything that Michael has ever said. I admire Michael Medved greatly. I think he has real courage and a first rate intellect and it is a joy to listen to him demolish ignorant liberal arguments. There is one area in which I disagree with him and that is his stand on immigration. Michael Medved thinks that it is a “pipe dream and a fantasy” to think it is possible to round up illegal aliens and deport them. His argument is that since the United States has upwards of 10 million illegals here, there is no way, logistically, to make deportation happen. In this case, I think Michael suffers from a lack of imagination. Here is what I would like to ask him if I could get through on Disagreement Day.

“In August 2001, if someone had called you to say that the US should invade Afghanistan and Iraq to safeguard America from terrorism, I suspect you would have said that such invasions would be a ‘pipe dream and a fantasy,’ yet, we all know how that unfolded. How can you now condemn the idea of deportation of illegals in similar fashion?” I am really interested to know what he would say.

If America had the political will, we could deport every illegal Such deportations would not be an onerous task. Once the word got out that America was serious about deporting illegals, then I think you would see a rush to the exits. Only the hardcore and the criminals would have to be rooted out. Concurrent with deportations, we should adopt additional measures.

1) America should insist on English only in all communications from government because publishing communication to citizens in multiple languages violates the “equal protection” clause in the Constitution. Since every citizen cannot read these other languages that the government is using to communicate, then citizens cannot be sure that government is providing advantages not available to all. It is a basic fairness issue.

The upshot of such a policy would be that all schools would teach only in English, and all who come to the US would have to learn English to get along. A common language among people insures a common culture. And a common culture is necessary for a healthy, enduring country.

2) Enforce the border. Use troops. Again, the message would go out which would make this a self enforcing policy.

3) Penalize companies that hire illegals.

4) Develop a guest worker program.

5) Change citizenship rules so that only those children born of citizen parents would be declared citizens.

America must control the border to prevent terrorism and to prevent a breakup similar to what is happening in Canada. Michael Medved should get on board.