Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Project Lauralight Pitch

Laura Ingraham did not like it. Oh well.

A Marine Corporal in battle in Falluja. It is raining. The Corporal looks at his watch, it is 4pm and the “7” has been circled in grease pen. Another Marine, holding a radio yells over, “No air support because of the rain, set up a defense until relief can fly in tomorrow morning.” The Corporal looks at his watch and says “Like hell!”, and runs out of the room into the adjoining courtyard, firing his weapon. He picks up a discarded RPG, kneels behind a tree, fiddles with the weapon, fires it across the courtyard, and then dives in to kill the enemy. The platoon is evacuated by truck. Later, a lieutenant tells the corporal that he is a hero. The corporal says “no way Sir, I have a flight out of Bagdhad at 7, and I promised I would meet my wife during her ovulation window. No way can I miss my flight.” Near the airport, his convoy is bombed, his flight is attacked with a missile, he argues with a French journalist and has a harrowing ride with a Turkish cabbie in Munich before he reunites with his wife. The return to combat is just as eventful.