Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too stupid

Nice to know the contempt is mutual. You may think that Stimson is a "nutjob", but I have to tell you, his comments are pretty mild compared to what I and the other Marines I say about you lawyers. I have watched you in Guantanamo all eager to defend the terrorists pro bono, but you could not be bothered to lift a finger to defend US Army Sergeant Thomas Gibson, Captain Philip Wolford and Lt. Colonel Philip de Camp, accused of the wrongful death of a Spanish journalist in Baghdad. Only the terrorist enemy seems to rate any consideration from the "legal community." While I can't speak for all Marines, among the ones I actually know, here is the equation that explains our view of the Gitmo Lawyers.

Lawyer trying to free a scumbag terrorist so he can try again to kill me and my family = terrorist.

Semper fi

Yes, I am too stupid to understand why these terrorists we have captured because the JAG lawyers say we have to give them quarter instead of wasting them when we have the chance, now avail themselves of high priced lawyers and ridiculous judicial review. These scumbags would slit the throats of their own "representation" if they had half a chance, but it does not stop these terrorist-loving lawyers from doing all they can to have these terrorists released.

Slav, I was introduced to your point of view regarding the military when when John Kerry told his joke. Thanks for bringing back those pleasant memories.