Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ms Obama, I am sorry I don't feel guilty. No, really

A friend of mine sent me this op-ed which her local cat box liner/Democrat talking points delivery device, the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, just published. It is written by Tim Wise, the guiltiest white man, a huckster who conducts "White Privilege" seminars that companies and governments are extorted into paying for. (I apologize in advance for linking to that).

The most succinct rebuttal to that article is that if Obama were white, he would be Joe Biden. Biden, who won exactly zero primaries, and just a few more votes than that. Obama is the democrat nominee BECAUSE he is black.

I think the strongest argument FOR "white privilege" is the condition of places that have explicitly rejected it: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti, DC, Detroit. Ask anyone if they would prefer to live in these bastions of "people of color" privilege, and I think we all know the answer.