Monday, March 28, 2005

The Long Awaited Junior Brown Lyrics

This is one that I keep on my MP3. One of my all time favorites, and you get to hear Junior's wife sing. She has a classic country voice and really makes this one as poignant as it is.

So Close Yet So Far Away
(J. Brown) Copyright © 1993 Mike Curb Music/Jamieson Brown Music (BMI) All rights reserved / Used by permission

We’ve survived the storms of life
Through all kinds of weather
And we’re as close as two sweethearts could be
But we’re a husband and a wife
Who can’t be together
When there’s a thousand miles distance between you and me

Cause I need you here more than I need these tears
The more you’re gone the more I miss you every day
Until I’m holding you tight there won’t be nothing right
When we’re so close, yet so far away

When I’m so tired of being alone
And I call you on the phone
For the moment it’s like you’re right here with me
And the miles that we’re apart
They stop breaking my heart
How far away yet how much closer
Two sweethearts be