Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Someone Tell Tom Friedman to Get a New Job

Thomas Friedman might as well yell in a bucket as write a column. How dumb is this latest idea of his?

I say that if China wants an arms race, we should have a by-God arms race. We should give Japan the full suite of Aegis software, and sell Aegis to Taiwan and Korea, give Taiwan some more AMRAAM and sail a carrier into Kaoshiung. Ratchet the pressure on those Communist bastards until their industry and banking implode and they have 500 million angry unemployed braying for the blood of the Buthchers of Beijing.

Effete Manhattanites might applaud Tom Friedman with little golf claps when he publishes his pap, but the rest of us would do well to line a birdcage with his columns. What China needs is an arms race that will bankrupt the "Middle Kingdom" and bring it to its knees so that America and the democracies of Asia can deliver the killing blow.