Sunday, March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo

It is terrible that this woman is being starved to death with no one being allowed to offer her water or food. If she can swallow her own saliva, she can swallow water. Not to offer it to her is just barbarism.

This is especially poignant this Easter weekend, in which we relive the time in which the legalists could hide behind the "law" to kill someone troublesome to them.

This dispute is less about the wishes of Terri Shiavo, but instead has become a test of wills between the two sides, and the judge. Money is not the motive, the right to die with dignity is not a motive for the husband, but he is out to WIN. It is like a contentious divorce, in which the sides use the battle over the house or welfare of the children as a proxy for the battle to triumph over one another. At this point, the husband is fighting to win and that is what is driving him. When a stubborn man wants to win, when that desire is truly down deep in his soul, then nothing will stand in his way. And he will exult over the corpse that represents his victory over opponents.

Finally, I admire the tenacity of the parents who are fighting for the life of their daughter. It is apparent that they will lose this battle, and their daughter will die. They and those who support them and their daughter are right to be outraged that the state has arrayed against them to murder their daughter. I find myself fighting despair and depression over this, so their pain must be infintely greater. God will have his vengeance on those who have conspired to murder this poor woman. However, we must find a way to forgive those who torment us because ultimately, death, even the judicially sanctioned murder of an innocent like Terri, is not to be feared. The reward she will receive will make the pain she and her family and supporters are experiencing now as a finger snap.

God bless and keep you Terri, and may God forgive your tormentors who seek and will exult at your death.