Saturday, January 12, 2008

Japanese Gambit

I have always thought that it would be a useful gambit for the Japanese to withdraw from the 6 Party Talks, claiming that their interests on the Peninsula were not being given enough consideration. Then, it could leak that the Japanese were preparing to rush in and grab a sector of North Korea around Wonson when North Korea collapses. If the US and the ROK act convincingly aghast but impotent at the prospect of the Japanese bogeyman reasserting himself on the peninsula, it might be the impetus that China and Kim need to find a way to end the regime in negotiations with the US and the ROK without North Korea dissolving in chaos. Let Kim and his selected henchmen select their retirement locales, pay them a few billion and get on with the reunification. Japan would then have a change of heart about having a Japanese sector, and all would be better than it is now.