Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gushing like a school-girl

Mark Levin sounds like a school-girl gushing over Zac Efron when he talks about Reagan. Reagan was a good president for the first 5 years or so, but, his last few years in office were an embarrassment. His press conferences were painful and he sounded more like an addled geriatric rather than an inspiring leader. It is bad when someone like George Bush I generated a sense of relief that there was finally someone who seemed competent in the office. From my vantage point, Reagan got rolled by the likes of Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright the Iranians, Hezbollah, and Sam Donaldson, and ended up making compromises on Supreme Court Justices, immigration and taxes that hurt this country.

But Levin assures us that Reagan was making compromises from the right. And that bad old Democrats flummoxed him on taxes and enforcing the border and what not. Hmmm, so that explains it. I have to tell you, these examples of Reagan’s bona fides as a great leader are not particularly compelling. And does it really matter where you are coming from if you end up wallowing in the pig pen with the Dems?

I put George W Bush up against Reagan, and W comes off looking pretty good. W has guts, never backs down when the Democrats challenge him, only compromises when other Republicans object to his policies, cut taxes and is smashing jihadis around the world. He always displays good humor, command of the issues and is a humble inspiration. He always wins. His administration has been an ethical breath of fresh air. I am an officer in the Marine Corps, and I see in George W Bush the same kind of guts that you see in the Marines walking point like the one Michael Ledeen highlighted in a post earlier today. The closest I have come to supporting Romney was when he mentioned that President Bush should be commended for his leadership. None of the rest have W’s strength of character in the political arena, and I would include McCain in that list. It has been a major disappointment to me that this crop of mediocrities running for president has run away from the current President, especially since Bush will eventually be lauded as the best since Lincoln.