Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hillary for Prez!

Sorry about  the formating on the previous post, and I couldn't make it work so I left it.  Contrary to reports, I was not in my cups.

I am down on Giuliani for exactly the reason I wrote.  What a president believes about abortion is not that important to me. Giuliani said he would pick judges like Roberts and a court full of judges like Roberts will send abortion back to the states. Depending on how important access to abortion is to someone, that person could live where it is readily available and paid for by the state, like in Maine, or completely unavailable like South Dakota or Mississippi. Let the people have a choice.

If Hillary were smart, she would recognize that Obama is a force of nature among liberals, and not tangle with him. Instead, she should tack all the way to the right, farther right than McCain (not that that would be that hard) and become a ruthless hunter of Islamics and champion of Gunatanamo. She could pledge to appoint Patraeus as Sec Def. She should ask Lieberman to be her VP. She voted for the war, so it would not be hard to make the case that she is actually a conservative but she thought she had to hide it to get the Democrat vote. She could cast the race as a three way between her, a JFK-style "strong America" Democrat, Obama and McCain and give conservatives someone to vote for.

She is going to lose anyway if she doesn't do something drastic, this way she would have the chance to pick up despairing Republicans and maybe do a juijitsu on Obama. It would rock him like nothing he ever saw on the mean streets of Honolulu growing up.