Friday, February 01, 2008

Dean Barnett is boohooing because people hate the Patriots

People hate New England and their fans for two reasons:

1. They cheat.

2. Fans like him have become everything they hated about Yankees' fans.
Now, New England fans are hated just asYankees fans are.  Crowing about 
inevitability.  Indifference to their flaunting of the rules.   Weeping because
no one loves their team like they do.  That is what is sad.

PS.  Guiliani is out.  Good riddence.  I have never liked him since he laughed 
off the fan interference that resulted in a Yankee victory over the Orioles
in the 1996 playoffs.  A kid, Jeffrey Maier, reached into the field of play to 
catch a fly ball.   It was ruled a home run, but the mostit should have gone
for was a double.   It was a blown call, (see the picture for yourself)
but Guiliani crowed about it like it was God's will that the Yankees should have won.  He even gave the kid a key to the city.  I was not impressed then,
so I am happy to see him go.  NOTHING is more important on this earth 
than for the Yankees to lose so seeing their biggest fan, Giuliani, go down 
is almost as good.