Sunday, July 13, 2008

I work on my creative wrting, and you are my victim


TWINK is in her office, rocking out to "Take on Me" by aha on her Ipod, arms gesticulating wildly, seemingly without reference to the music when a COWORKER comes in.

COWORKER: Hey Corky, the boss needs his BIOS defragged, if you know what I mean.

TULIP (removing ear buds): What?


TWINK is a hospital waiting room, with a TV mounted on the wall playing a Bon Jovi marathon. Since she is the only one in the room, she is singing along and keeping time to "Living on a Prayer." In another room, a NURSE is watching a monitor of the camera in the waiting room and talking on the phone.

NURSE: We have a Level I Corky in the waiting room, we need a straight jacket, a SWAT Team and 90 cc's of Phenobarbital, stat!