Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kristof enlightens us

We should be so thankful we have Nick Kristof to point out what a moron Bush is. What an original idea for a column! I mean, Bush has consistently said that the only way to counter the Taliban is to bomb them, and with the most expensive bombs possible. Read this from the evil, moron Bush from 2002:

"We're also helping to rebuild schools and hospitals and clinics. Some of the first rebuilding is being done by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs soldiers, who are working with relief agencies to rebuild dozens of schools. With us today is Captain Britton London, who enlisted friends, family members, church groups to supply Afghan students with thousands of pens and pencils
and notebooks. Captain London is a man after my own heart. He started a --he got the equipment necessary to start the first post-Taliban baseball league. (Laughter.) He brought me a ball -- two balls signed by the Eagles -- the Eagles, the Eagles, the mighty Eagles of Afghan baseball. (Laughter.) And they practice -- they're practicing now, and the games are held once a

Our soldiers wear the uniforms of warriors, but they are also compassionate people. And the Afghan people are really beginning to see the true strength of our country. I mean, routing out the Taliban was important, but building a school is equally important."

Nick Kristof is a hack who does zero research about a subject if fits into his "Bush is an idiot" column template. So some mountain climber writes a book about building schools and hands out a press release about it and instead of talking about how this effort dovetails with that the military is already doing there, Kristof turns that into a club to beat Bush without any additional research. Such propaganda against Bush and the military is unsurprising from Kristof and the New York Times but this does not mean their casual slurs disparaging the efforts of civil affairs and engineer troops doing this same job of building schools throughout Afghanistan are not still offensive.