Sunday, February 05, 2006

Goat Glands and Coretta Scott King

Does anyone think that it is puzzling that Coretta Scott King died in a Tijuana Goat Gland Clinic? I mean, the woman had a stroke and heart disease, was half paralyzed, yet was so desperate to cling to this life that she threw in with a bunch of quacks in Mexico. It would seem that someone with a modicum of faith, even smaller than that of a mustard seed, would accept and rejoice at her impending appointment with God, instead of dashing around, leaving family and familiar environments, to get some "mysterious" cure. She is an example to me, I pray that when my time is nearing, I accept it gracefully, prepared, joyously to head home; not in some Mexican sweatshop, clinging to some false hope of another few days of paralyzed misery.