Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let's Roll

So our friends, the Muslims, with outrage sensors tuned so exquisitely, decry the caricature of Mohammed by burning the Danish flag, which is otherwise known as the Scandinavian Cross. So the Moslems think that the best way to respond to some cartoon caricatures of Mohammed is to desecrate the symbol of Christianity? Oh the humanity! Where is the jihadi’s sense of propriety and respect for other religions?

I know, I am laughing too, I always laugh at my own absurdities.

And when it comes down to a clash of civilizations, in the midst of a war in which Muslims are justifying their war on the United States as fulfillment of their sacred duty, where does the State Department of the United States stand? (This one is a no brainer!) With the terrorists, of course!

Well, the anticipated European civil war, the one that actually started in the Fall in France with all the riots and the burning cars, is about to pick up pace. Good to know that the State Department has thrown in with the enemy.

Here are the cartoons that caused the Arab Street to erupt. If they want this to spark a latter day Battle of Tours, I say "bring it on."

Michelle Malkin is doing yeoman's work in this story with her 'MUHAMMAD CARTOONS BLOGBURST'. Semper fidelis.