Thursday, February 23, 2006

Letter to Michelle Malkin

When you are on the same side of an issue as Maureen Dowd, Chuck Schumer and Hillary and against the WSJ and President Bush, it should cause you to pause and rethink a little.

The UAE company will be operating terminal space, and only a portion of it, in the ports. The wild, ignorant speculation that you quote is full of specious logic "Gaffney: Past experience suggests the job may have fallen to lower-level career bureaucrats who give priority to maintaining good relations with their foreign 'clients,' like the UAE." Say what? How does that follow? I am a lower level bureaucrat, and I would be happy to spear a foreign 'client' in a
heartbeat. How does Gaffney's unsubstantiated guess about the approval process advance your point?

Yes, there is a lot of conventional wisdom that is "gob-smackingly obvious," but there are also a lot of mistaken assumptions that seems pretty gob-smackingly
obvious to the uninformed and willfully obtuse. I can usually count on the knuckleheads on the left to wave the flag of ignorance as if it were truth(Koran
flushing, withholding armor, torture in Gitmo), it sorrows me to see someone for whom I had a lot of respect line up with them on something like this.

And I thought that the disrespectful, dismissive tone you directed towards the WSJ was beneath you as well. Your stuff routinely gets treated that way on leftist websites, you would do well to rise above such pettiness. It needlessly sullies your work.