Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hugh demands answers!

Hugh Hewitt asks that those who opine on the cartoon
intifada to answer two questions up front: Are we at
war with Islam? Do you want a war with Islam? Hewitt
says sensible people answer no to both, but that is a
false choice. We ARE at war with Islam, because they
are at war with us. Unless we (the US, the West,
Christians) fight back, we are guaranteed to lose.
Mohammedans say they want to kill us, so we should
give them the respect to take them at their word, and
kill them first.

As to the second question, do I want a war with Islam,
the answer is “of course not.” But reference my first
point, since they are fighting us, only a lunatic or a
suicide would refuse to fight back. Since they are
spoiling for a fight, I say, give it to them. We are
at a numeric and material advantage on our home turf,
so we can crush them here (or at worst, expel them),
and since we have small footprints among the Arabs,
they surround us in mass to fight, so we have a target
rich environment. Since they want to fight, and we
have the advantage, we should fight. As any clear
military thinker from Clauewitz to Hanson will tell
you, a decisive victory far from home solves a lot of

Finally, Hewitt should face up to the fact that the
Moslems are engaged in the ultimate in ethnic
cleansing. A Moslem who wrote to Instapundit put it

Coming from an all Muslim family, I'm forced to listen
to the sense of perceived injustice of Muslims
concerning the depiction of their revered prophet.
It's quite sickening.

I tell my family that that's just how things work in a
free society: while I don't agree that the newspaper
should have done something so culturally insensitive,
they do have the right to do that, and attempting to
make Danish society pay as a whole for it is utterly

It doesn't matter, I'm told. It literally means
nothing to them, because in their world, everything
should revolve around them and their culture, and God
made the world for Muslim Arabs to control.
And this is the kind of mindset the Danish people are
contending with.

“God made the world for the Muslim Arabs to control.”
Pretty chilling. But our God tells us to go forth
teach every nation, the truth of Jesus Christ. These
world views are not compatible. Better to wake up and
fight for this now, than kick the can so that our
children must fight for what we ourselves did not hold