Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Children's Happy Tune

(Hum along to yourself to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon")

Explodey the Floundering Whay- ale, Lives in the Sea
And went aground in the Aussie Waves, in the windward and the lee
He can’t swim away at all, and can’t stay upon the land
So everyone down under came to stand upon the sand

Explodey the Floundering Whay-ale, listing to and fro
Veterinarians got in a boat, and then began to row.
They looked at his tail, they looked at the middle too
Then they looked at his big whaley head and decided what to do

They called for plastic explosives, called for some hand grenades
Called for lethal munitions and called for a cannonade
Then they changed their minds, and called for this instead
They put a bomb right near his brain so they could blow up his head

Oh, Explodey the Floundering Whay-ale, soon to be without a snout
Asked the children on the sand to laugh and play, and never again to pout
“They are coming to blow up my bray-ain, and really, that is that,
You should all smile and think of me when you feed my blubber to your cat!”