Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Et tu, National Review?

Parker's suggestion that Palin should resign for the good of her party was just stupid. I read it as something a RINO would write in the hopes that McCain would do something sensible and pick Lieberman so that when the Republicans lose, the Dems would be more kindly disposed towards us. I am sure she got a ton of congratulatory emails from the Kos Kids and Obama for President.

I sure Ponnuru wrote his post blaming Republicans (who, incidentally, stood behind him during his "Party of Death" days) in order to come in out of the cold with his Dem pals. Ditto on the emails.

Both the article and the post were deeply disappointing, and the fact that you let them pass makes me wonder if you yourself aren't wishing you could come in out of the cold, given the reception your abortion views have among your journalist friends. It is bad enough that we are subject to Derb's libertarian claptrap, must all of you start "evolving" away from conservatism at once?