Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Laura Ingraham ticks me off, again

She send me an email in which she said this: "Brooks's main argument against Palin is that she lacks the type of experience and historical understanding that led President Bush to a 26 percent approval rating in his final months in office."

So I sent her an email back:

Well, I take issue with your characterization that Bush is a poor president because he has a 26% approval rating. This analysis is on par with your shallow, vapid observations about which movies or songs are good based on the box office receipts or number of downloads. Pres Bush is unpopular because he refuses to accomodate every shifting political peccadillo of an electorate that gets its day to day cues about what is popular from late night comic monologues. For someone who purports to be so true to her conservative ideals, you put a lot of stock in the approval ratings of a great man and president that have been relelentlessly driven down by the attacks from entertainment and news media elites.

I am sure you and your pals in the gym and at the arugula salad bar and in line when you are picking up your daughter from private school there in DC all tut tut about President Bush and giggle over the latest line from Jon Stewart, but my fellow Marines and their families know courage and greatness when we see it, and he has it. Pity you neither see it nor have it, yourself.