Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jim Rockford for VP, either ticket

Pros: California law and order tough guy bona fides; Korean War veteran; constant fishing shows environmental streak; already has really cool Secret Service code name given to him by Isaac Hayes: "Rockfish"

Cons: Seems to have a glass jaw during fist fights, so might mean he is not be able to stand up to intense media scrutiny; wardrobe of plaid jackets and wide, white belts might be alarming to casual TV viewers

Reaction to this controversial proposal:

Mxymaster: isn't he a felon? Which is how he knew Hayes' character (not to mention Angel). That could be sticky.

Also, Jim has a bad tendency to send cars over cliffs where they erupt in balls of fire. He always ejects to safety, but what about his secret service detail?

LarsWalker: I believe it was established in the pilot that Jim Rockford had received a full pardon for his felony conviction. I don't think a convicted felon could have obtained a Private Investigator's License either.

But Jim's not VP material. Can you imagine him taking the heat for the boss? Swallowing his own opinions to follow the Official Line? Spending a whole day doing serious work at a desk or in a conference room?

He became a PI to avoid that grind.

Bgbear: They could move Jim Rockford's trailer onto the West Lawn and rent out Number One Observatory Circle.

Also the Camaro would replace the VP's limo.

I also think Angel could get the word on the street about Osama Bin Laden.