Saturday, January 10, 2009

Advice to Hollywood

I would offer a compromise with the Hollywood types who make these anti-war bombs. I will watch your movies, regardless of the "message," if you portray the Marines in them straight-up. Marines sometimes do crappy things and Generals make some decisions with an eye on the domestic political situation and their future job prospects. However, there are a lot more Marines who do noble and even heroic things. If you, Mr Hollywood Producer, want to make movies in which some Marines do terrible things as a metaphor for the "heart of darkness," roger that. Just realistically portray the other Marines around them. I know from experience that most of us will fast forward past the eye-roll inducing message scenes, and revel in the motivational Gunny Hartman squadbay tirades or Col Jessep's "you want me on that wall" -type soliloquies.