Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gran Torino

I read a review of Gran Torino written by Green Mamba on the website, Big Hollywood. "I just saw ‘Gran Torino’ and I have to say I thought it was awful. Yes, Eastwood has his special charisma and the ending is undeniably satisfying, but most of the film is embarrassingly clunky, key moments are entirely predictable, and the Asian lead actors are especially amateurish and unconvincing."

He, or she, is right on with that comment. Unfortunately, what the Mamba (Green) wrote applies to everything Eastwood has done since Unforgiven. He’s cheap, he doesn’t bother rehearsing, and amazingly, it shows.

By the way, isn’t it good that we can count on Hollywood to zero in and investigate the most troublesome fault-line in American race relations, whites vs Laotians? That is similar to the way that Tom Cruise wanted a fresh look at people exhibiting courage in confronting evil. So, he chose to star in a movie about soldiers fighting Islamic terrorists, oops, check that, by showing Nazis fighting Nazis. Yawn.