Monday, April 11, 2005

China Starts an Arms Race

Interesting article about the Communist Chinese Navy building bases in Burma and Pakistan in an effort to encircle India. China has a vision of itself dominating the Indian Ocean and thwarting India's ability to choke off Chinese oil supplies in the event of a conflict. Once again, China shows that it can look at a map and pretend to be a great power, but has no clue about the forces it is about to unleash.

India will have no choice but to respond to this provocation. India will build carriers and submarines to ensure their continued parity with China meaning there will be an arms race in the Indian Ocean. Bottom line, China ignited a regional naval arms race with Japan, Taiwan, and now India. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is spectacularly unprepared to support such a endeavor. Stand by for an implosion that will be huge, disasterous and completely predictable. But the MSM will stand by, stupefied as it occurs.