Saturday, April 16, 2005

"Never Again" means we must act NOW!

Koreans will condemn us for not doing more to end the suffering that they daily face, to which we remain indifferent. I am struck by the moral authority which Holocaust survivors possess, even 60 years after the end of the War. But the truth is, during WWII, these same survivors were ridiculed and ignored. And we who were strong vowed never to let such a thing, such an atrocity happen again. However, such things are happening again right now. And like our forefathers who ignored the proof presented to them of the perfidy of the Nazi's, we ignore the perfidy of the Communists in Asia.

The South Korean government does everything it can to stifle those who would call attention to the atrocities being committed in North Korea for fear of "inciting" the North Korean regime. Taiwan and the United States does what it can to downplay reports of oppression in China to avoid antagonizing China. What is the justification for this inaction? Are we afraid that North Korea will attack South Korea if we focus on the North Korean treatment of those who dissent? Are we afraid that China will cut off exports of consumer goods if we relentlessly focus on their treatment of Christians within their borders?

The answer to these questions is "Yes." Our leadership is once again paralyzed by fear of provoking tyrants who are perceived as strong when the reality is that these tyrants are perilously weak. We have a vision of China as the colossus against whom we are powerless to exert our will, when in reality they are the most banal example of bully. They are big and blustering, but in reality are weak and cowardly and are desperately afraid that America will call their bluff. North Korea is even more contemptible...that filthy regime is the puny sidekick of the larger bully, who can get away with anything so long as he stays close to the larger punk.

It is time to honor the lessons we learned of our forefathers, to serve the weak being oppressed while we dither, and stand up to the Chinese and the North Koreans. These countries are on their knees, holding spears pointed at their chests, praying that we do not stomp up to them and kick those spears straight through their hearts. We have it in our power to call the bluff of these cowardly, murderous regimes and live up to the promises we have made to oppressed people through out history. "Never again" means we must act now.