Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I read a fascinating account about forgiveness in the heart of the Pope. A radical Muslim, Mehmet Ali Agca tried to assassinate Pope John Paul the Great in 1981, probably on the orders of the KGB.

Two years later, John Paul visited the assassin in prison to offer
forgiveness. Reportedly, Agca is in "deep grief" over the death of John Paul. Agca's
brother says that Agca sees the Pope as his "brother."

"They had declared brotherhood when the pope visited him
in prison," Adnan Agca said of the 1983 meeting. "He was Agca's

Would not you be sad if you had lost your brother?"

Adnan Agca said the pope has received relatives of the gunman
several times over the years, meeting Agca's mother, Muzeyyen, in 1987
and Adnan Agca in 1997.

Adnan Agca said he was considering attending the pope's funeral.
"We may go to Italy if possible in a few days," Adnan Agca

Forgiveness is hard, but John Paul lived it. Most cannot forgive
someone who cuts them off during the commute to work, John Paul forgave
his assassin. Truly a man who loved and followed the example of Jesus.