Thursday, April 14, 2005

China Teetering

Water shortages, riots over pollution and the Three Gorges Dam, a diplomatic blow-up with the Japanese and Chinese thugs thrashing the Japanese embassy in Beijing over middle school history textbooks...China is in disarray.

I could rehash all these events in nauseating detail but to what end? The weight of all these stories points to one conclusion, China is imploding. There is nothing in the line up of today's stories about the tottering state of the Chinese economy, or the large problem of Islamic radicalism in the West or the Chinese Communists stupid brinksmanship regarding Taiwan.

We are going to look back on this time, that we are in the midst of right now, and say "The collapse of China was so clearly going to happen, why didn't we see it?" Half-wit Kremlinologists said the same thing after the Berlin Wall fell. Right now, "Sinologists" are saying that China is a threat, China is powerful, China is America's superpower rival but I think that anyone with a sense of history and a scintilla of imagination knows that the end for China is near. America should be doing everything we can to hasten the liberation of 1 billion + souls in China.