Thursday, April 21, 2005

End the Filibuster or the Dems will end it for you in 3 years

There is something Republicans should remember when they contemplate whether to change the rules on filibusters in order to get a vote on the people the President has nominated to the Federal appeals courts. If the Republicans were in the minority and were filibustering a Democrat president’s nominees, the Democrats would of course change the rules! They will not hesitate, and they would laugh at the cowardice that te Republicans displayed in not doing it first.

“Oh wait Ken, all the Democrats are going on and on about the sacred virtue of the filibuster, how the majority must respect the rights of the minority, surely they are not so hypocritical that they would ignore their words and their current stance when it would be more politically expedient to do something else!” To which I reply: “HA!”

Democrats are shameless, and dedicated to preserving abortion rights. Anything they have to do to defeat Republicans and keep compliant judges on the bench is within bounds of acceptable behavior. Nothing you can say, no amount of scorn you can heap on their lame justification for their scurrilous behavior matters because they feel that abortion must be kept legal for children across the US.

End the filibuster, put conservatives on the bench now, or the Democrats will put their judges on the bench in 08 when Hillary is president.