Sunday, January 23, 2005

America will aid Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack

There is a common perception in Taiwan that should China attack Taiwan, the US would do little more than provide moral support and token aid. Other than in the imaginations of the morally bankrupt cowards of the Chinese communist party and their propagandists in Taiwan, where is the evidence that would buttress this assertion?

Answer: no where. It is an outrageous, contemptible attack against Taiwan’s only friend in the world, America. In recent history, when American sees a weaker country or people attacked by a stronger one, we intervene. It would be no different for Taiwan, should China attack.

Not that China will. There is probably no serious observer of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), not even the Chinese government itself, which shares the China Post’s inflated assessment of the PLA’s prowess. For the last 60 years, the PLA has not had to contend with any force more lethal than teenagers waving pro-democracy pamphlets. They don’t train realistically to counter the type of threat that the US and Taiwan represent, and they have shown competence only in running KTV parlors and drugs.

China only hope of defeating Taiwan is to sow defeatism among the Taiwanese people so that in the face of a Chinese attack, Taiwan capitulates. The Taiwanese people should be alerted to the fact that China Post is little better than a risible propagandist for the Chinese government trying to assist in that capitulation.