Sunday, January 30, 2005

Commercial Outrage

I have been, how shall we say, unimpressed with the $75 Visa gift card that Bank of America gave me for opening an account with them. I have been unable to use the card at Target, and now at Borders. How is it possible that Visa and Bank of America can come up with a card that neither Target nor Borders will accept? Are these Mom and Pop stores, late to the computer age? Seems inconceivable to me that Visa has fielded a card that is such a miserable failure. That is, unless this is some kind of scam to drive us consumers to particular stores.

I would not mind getting a gift card to particular stores or types of stores, if they would just tell me! This idea that this is some kind of universal card is just a crock, one that I think the Attorney General will be interested in hearing about, especially in the light of all the recent concern about businesses defrauding active duty personnel.