Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Much Anticipated Sunday Junior Brown Lyric: My Baby Don't Dance to Nothing But Ernest Tubb

This is one of my favorite Junior Brown songs. The song is the first one you hear from his first album 12 Shades of Brown. What a debut that must have been. The song is witty, features great musicianship on the guit-steel and is an homage to one of the all time greats. Perfect Sunday morning music.

My Baby Don’t Dance to Nothing But Ernest Tubb
(J. Brown)
Copyright © 1990 Mike Curb Music/Jamieson Brown Music (BMI) All rights reserved / Used by permission


I got a gal that’s mighty peculiar
She’s got a funny state of mind
Though she likes all kinds of singers
She’ll only dance to just one kind.
She likes to hear Hank moan the blues
Or Bob Wills’ faded love,
But my baby don’t dance to nothing but Ernest Tubb.

I wonder why in tarnation
She’s got such a strange fixation?
Why she won’t ever dance with me
Unless it’s a song by old E.T.?
I guess waltzin’ across Texas
Must be in her blood,
Cause my baby don’t dance to nothing but Ernest Tubb.

Well, I like to take her dancin’
But I just don’t know what for.
Cause all she ever dances to is the Texas Troubadours.
My friends don’t understand it,
How I ever fell in love
With a girl that don’t dance to nothin’ but Ernest Tubb.