Sunday, January 23, 2005

Murderous, Nihilistic Terrorists Need Love Too, American Windbag Urges

This morning, I watched an infuriating interview on CSPAN. Pedro interviewed an American lawyer hired by Kuwait to represent the interests of Kuwaiti illegal combatants held in Guantanamo. What infuriated me was the pompous, lecturing tone this thin-necked lawyer took whenever anyone pointed out the fact that these terrorists in Guantanamo do NOT deserve POW status or any other rights. This windbag went on and on about the centrality of habeas corpus to our rights as Americans and about how failing to give full up hearings in Federal courts to nihilistic, murderous terrorists captured on the battlefield would lead inexorably to Alberto Gonzales dragging Granny out of her house in Iowa and throwing her into a detention camp.

I also had to shake my head at Counselor Windbag of the Kuwaiti Prisoner project, going on like these terrorists are latter day Nathan Hales. The most infuriating thing to note is that if one of his clients could get their hands on him, they would just as soon cut his head off as read one of his briefs. And if a detainee somehow managed to get a hold of him, American Marines and Soldiers detailed to the Detention Camp would risk their lives to get him out. Traitors like this lawyer disgust me, and DESERVE a private consultation with their clients, without risk of being interrupted by bad old Marines.

When I get Mr Windbag's actual name and a link to the interview, I will post it.