Sunday, January 23, 2005

Was blind, but now I see

He also knew that the things He said, and the things said about Him would be misinterpreted or over-interpreted through time. That is the nature of words. It is not bad, necessarily, it is a consequence of our sinful, corrupt natures. People want to apply their own intellect to words, and even the smartest among us is fallible. But the ironic thing is, we don’t NEED His words, or the words of someone like Paul to believe in Christ. We have Him! I think of it this way, if Jesus walked though Taipei, we would KNOW He is God, instantly. We would not need to know the lineage of his guardian Joseph, or puzzle over why He said pengyou instead of didi, wait to have some educated religious professional confirm for us after extended study that Jesus is God. As the man said, “Was blind, but now I see."

Finally, at least for today, our faith has endured because it is REAL. Jesus is God, so His word spreads merely by introducing it to people. Mohammed was a charlatan, so his word spreads at the point of a sword.