Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Barbara's Starr-tling Ignorance and Lack of Imagination

What is up with the fascination for this stupid story. CNN's colossally ignorant Barbara Starr could not contain her glee about this. She breathlessly played the story like some kind of scoop: "Spies Like Us." And what is the upshot? That intelligence officers go with special ops soldiers to gather intel concurrent with operations. Then these intelligence officers report back to a clearing house which collates the data they collect, and write reports. And these reports are better than those of the CIA.

That is it, that is the scandal, that is the scoop. FLASH "Pentagon Collects Intelligence Using Defense Personnel." Not quite as thrilling as the punful "Spies Like Us" but actually a pretty smart way to do business. To bad CNN and BBC can't wrap their minds around the idea that the defense department might actually be good at something besides handing her press releases.