Monday, January 24, 2005

Official Chinese Schizophrenia

Today's editorial in the China post points out how clueless the Chinese government has become. Well, not explicitly, but it fits in with earlier observiations that the Chinese communists do not seem to know what they are doing. Witness their witlessness.

1) Zhao dies and the government which has heretofore forcibly broken up protests outside his house, lets them go on.

2) The PLA continues apace with their weapons modernization program (something about which I will comment later) and with their relentless sabre rattling.

3) The civil aviation authorities finally agreed on direct cross strait Chinese New Year flights.

So while protests used to be completely forbidden, now they are allowed. While the PLA prepares to attack, people can travel back and forth. Someday, this will make sense. Now, it just shows that no one is making policy for all parts of the PRC "government," something that makes it all the more likely that some freelancing hothead will do something precipitous. Times could scarsely be more perilous across the Strait.